rich nines

excuses aside, it's many months over due to post a very large and hearty THANK YOU to the amazing human being that is Eric Shinn, aka RICH NINES.

for the average public looking at actual content and product, it might be hard to understand just how much work is needed to keep something like LOW INDIGO moving forward. countless hours have been put in and countless hours will be put in into the future. Eric climbed into the main cabin of the low indigo ship, hung out for a good chunk of spring and summer 2014, and helped refine a lot ideas and provided invaluable insight from a good handful of angles. possibly the largest contribution was injecting such healthy amounts of good vibes and positive energy at every step of the way, coupled with an enthusiasm and fearlessness to deal with experimenting with notions of transparency, intuition, and idealisms.

THANK YOU ERIC! big up an original junglist abstract composer dj dancer dreamer doer thinker such as yourself. onwards and upwards.

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