first words on kline's ghost..

 'ghost' is kline's second release for low indigo. it is a reflection on a paranormal encounter kline had, which he then translated into songs, as part of a way to process his new perception of reality. the EP also features an appearance from francesca belcourt and full video from endtask.

'love light', originally named 'man in the doorway', begins and ends with the sound of a door opening and closing on it's own. sonic elements of alarm mimic panic felt in certain moments, and the extreme panning of the final notes reflect a sense of isolation (just one person and one semi-transparent figure, and nothing else existing inside that moment).

'looking over my shoulder' deals with the initial paranoia following the encounter, but also about the eventual acceptance that there might always be something "there" (whether we see it or not).

the intro track was written with notions of ghostly frequencies, floating swirling static, and explores the fluidity that might come from being not of this realm.

endtask provides the video for the EP; as a meditation on viewing beyond the veil and as a platform for detecting the traces of a presence just beyond the limits of perception. this imagines a ghost as a extra-dimensional entity, appearing in slices when passing through a three dimensional world, like a sphere passing through the two dimensional world of the edwin abbott's 'flatland'. the evolving imagery carves four dimensional shapes from colliding systems, showing the shadow of another realm like a seashell makes physical the shadow of a process.

endtask's video was created from performances, mixed live, to kline's songs. It is intended to create a contemplative environment and induce a hypnotic state. stylistically, endtask imagines alien intelligent systems and rendering technology, visualizing beyond our current computational limits.

kline is temporarily based in calgary and remains one of the better known members of chapel sound. he views himself as a painter ahead of being an audio artist. francesca belcourt, also a member of chapel sound, resides in vancouver as a singer/songwriter and recording artist. endtask is the alias of a known vancouver visual artist and animator, focused on experimentation and discovery.

low indigo continues to host select events in vancouver and provides an online community that shares left-of-center electronic-based music. low indigo releases music and other media content "only when it feels right".

kline's ghost drops feb 18 2015 exclusively on bandcamp,
and in other stores following.
the video from endtask comes out the same day on youtube

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