low indigo feb26 2011


: unfiltered explorations in present day electronic music :

: lighta! : digital cumbia :

Self Evident, joined by Gameboy, together with a featured vocalist. Excitement. Full live audio/visual set-up including a launch pad, melodica, game controllers, micro-sampler, boss sampler, and a midi fighter. Latin rhythms mixed with synths and bass and who knows what else. Ripe for the prime time. Very music looking forward.

: subdiv : error broadcast : victoria :

Monolithium, aka Chris Longshanks, has a VERY impressive forth-coming release on Russia's 'error broadcast' imprint that couldn't come sooner. Watch out. Monolithium's sound aligns with future-funk, wonky and the fuller, more colourful side of bass music. Chris also leads the well respected Subdivision team, responsible for consistent genre-pushing bass events in Victoria.

: lighta! : low indigo :

Like a single-malt whiskey, some projects need time to mature to full flavour (and be properly enjoyed). Years of isolation and experimenting with sound hypnosis, altered perceptions of time, tangible atmospheres, polyrhythms, dub aesthetics, and bass feel like they are finally flowering into something that can now be touched again. Excited to share. hope you like it.

: alphabasic :

Listen to Bartel's online music as a reference to his musicianship and sonic treatment. Apply that to the year 2011 on an educated dancefloor. And don't be surprised if you hear live vocals and guitars. To quote Vincent Parker, "Bartel can do anything". Let's see what he does tonight.

: transmolecular : mystery works : seekers international :

"Mystery Works" is one accurate description. Transmolecular is somewhat of an anomaly. Informed by hip hop culture, in the context of boundary-less experimentation. Dubbed out, deconstructed breakbeats and sound snippets to the point of non-recognition. the joyous sounds of tomorrow, today.

: imaginations treetrunk : neferiu :

Chadio is one of Vancouver's best informed bass music heads (he's at every single show, everywhere), newly turned DJ, and also well established in the local rap community. Tucker Foldin, the only DJ on the bill, is set to bookend the night with choice selections to satisfy the both the heads and the dancefloor. Maximum brightness.

Sammy's taken care of visuals for Low Indigo as few times now, and will no doubt continue to in the future. Quality vibes. Quality aesthetics. Movement without being overwhelming. Colour without being too busy. Effectively responding and synergizing with the music as it continues to change.

saturday.feb26 @ w2 - 151 w.cordova
10pm-late. $5 / $10 after 11pm

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