9 of cats EP - release date announced

dropping APRIL 8 on all channels
(bandcamp, itunes, juno, beatport, spotify, etc)
including videos for each song by GIORGIO MAGNANENSI
written by michael red, mastered by beau thomas, artwork souns 

1 - why
2 - gwey from
3 - slow motion
4 - sirens

until the official release, here's a piece of the write-up:

'gwey from' is an expression on the current state of earth. it views the more destructive side, earthquakes, large scale catastrophe, violence and suffering, .....and the massive aching beauty of it all. a world dying, swirling and collapsing into itself, while a world is re-born. the sound of evolution in progress and an even larger hope. gwey is "go away" in patois. so the literal translation "go away from" is an example of the basic ignorance that brought this current world to it's destructive end, but also an example of transcendence beyond literal language and feeling the correct meaning (new ways in a new world).

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