jolin ras 'rebirth cycle' [low indigo 008]

out next month..

jolin ras - rebirth cycle (low indigo 008)

1 - the earth's library
2 - backnya
3 - time travel frm omega
4 - 5ammflight (133)
5 - walter (ft geewuht)
6 - autobot
7 - dryertimewarp
8 - spirit of the bounce

total playing time: 23:23
release date: dec 5 2015
mastered by beau thomas
artwork by jolin ras
video by darcy turenne

available exclusively thru bandcamp and at all other digital retailers following.


Low Indigo's eight release comes from Jolin Ras, a Vancouver DJ/producer and multi-instrumentalist rep'ing Outerbound / Transmolecular and Ulterior Motif. His influences of Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, R&B and electronic beats all come together to form the most colourful release for Low Indigo yet. The mood is spacey and heady, with an almost tangible spiritual clarity and alertness. Perfectly off-kilter beats with dubbed-out soundscapes bubbling in the background and analog synth melodies upfront, all delivered in a way that feels very natural and at ease.

"The title of this EP stems from the time periods when creating these tracks (2011-2012). I was undergoing an awakening amongst myself, through the sense of being one with the universe. It was more of a transformation with my spiritual self and being in tune with the creator and the vibrations of my surroundings. We are all living in a cycle, we are here to find our true selves, cultivate our beings, and prepare our self for the next wave/journey to be rediscovered. Rebirth Cycle is my sound story being re born within the cosmos."

Rebirth Cycle is out Dec 5, with Jolin headlining a Cats Only Club event at the Rattle (semi-regular vancouver underground event) to celebrate. This will also see the release of a music video for Rebirth Cycle from the very talented Darcy Turenne.


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