in the star's current alignment -  it looks like this blog will become more of news center for just pieces that directly relate to low indigo and it's immediate relations. the facebook page is more the spot where tunes and events from outside the immediate family will continue to be shared and chatted about. yup.

lifted from a recent interview, here are some more words on LOW INDIGO as it relates to the blogspot..

Yan Zombie: For people unfamiliar, what is the Low Indigo Blog and movement all about?

Michael Red: Low Indigo is purposefully ambiguous, with elements left undefined, as a reflection of real life and a signature of remaining "open." I see it as having its own organic spirit which, at its own pace, becomes more defined as it discovers itself. I guide its growth, but life in general also helps guide it.
The Facebook group, for example, has evolved into a really great community that continues to grow. I never planned for that, and it's totally wonderful. I love the fact that it's participatory and it makes perfect sense to me that an open-ended group of people are all helping shape Low Indigo's growth and identity. It looks like the blog might just become a place to post strictly event and label news, which also makes a lot of natural sense to me ­— 'cause the Facebook group already more than serves the purpose that a blog typically would.
As far as the label goes, I'm now working on the third and fourth releases with two other artists. Very excited about both of them. The third release is pretty much done now, and fourth is pretty close too. I can't wait to share them. Oh yeah, the second release will be public some time in June. Yup!

(the complete interview is here)

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