cats only club starting now / digital label launch

. . . SUNDAY MARCH 3 @ LANA LOU'S . . .


with music from..
// TUSK (low key anything goes)
// SWEET ANOMALY (all originals set)
// MICHAEL RED (morning set music)

// 9PM to MIDNIGHT (come earlier for some drinks or food if ya like tho)
// $5 at the door (if you really truly are broke - a smaller donation is cool. on your honour)

an intimate night of laid back heads music. high vibrancy atmospheres and spaced-out soul. last sunrise of the outdoor music festival vibes. finger snaps, washed out vocal echos, warm chords and infinite possibilities. from the near beatless to the nearly bursting.

not so much a dancefloor thing, but there's space if you want to be a willow in the wind.music loud enough to get lost in, but not blaring loud so you can still hear each others jokes and crazy stories and life musings and that.lots of comfy seating, great food, and good drink at reasonable prices.

** this night will serve as the long long time coming LOW INDIGO DIGITAL LABEL launch, beginning for a 4 song E.P. from MRED. yes indeed. check for that starting to happen come march
** there'll also be free cat stickers, a cat shirt give-away or two, and a few other bits and pieces.
** s'also a birthday at midnight. yee

and if this night goes as the majority of the stars want it to go - there will be MORE. so come say hey if you like this sort of thing.

** special shout out to the BONZ.AI crew who have been running a great night out of this same spot for over a year now. it's their special vibe they create there every second thursday that unvieled the possibility of this night coming around for LOW INDIGO.


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