this is a pack of charts and text files to do with frequencies and eqs related to music production. below is the note that comes with it. in the [EXTRAS] are notes on a few production techniques, sacred and "other" frequencies, and few other odds and ends.

share and spread as much as you like.


this is an ongoing project i've been working on for a while, in bits in pieces, when i've had the time and inspiration. i first started putting notes up on my studio wall for easy reference and to help drill certain concepts into my head that i had trouble remembering. i figured that instead of staring into space when i'm doing the listening part of music production - i may as well be staring at worthwhile information that i'm trying to learn.

i started compiling a lot of notes on things i wanted to learn and keep in mind while working on music. things got messy with scribblings on different pieces of paper with different pens, so i compiled the info on a computer and printed it out.

it was when i was doing a web search for a chart of music notes and their related frequencies that i got an idea to share what i had been compiling. there were no clear and printable note frequency charts online anyway - so i figured i would share what i was doing up for myself anyway.

in an effort to make the info more complete for others - i did some more research and shared some rough drafts with other vancouver music producers and sound tech types. a good handful of people got back to me with feedback and suggestions and some notes of their own. so i threw all that into the pot too, widdled it down as best i could, and tried to clean up as much contradiction as i could without leaving out some key (conflicting) opinions.

so yeah, there's some contradiction in there. and some repetition too. it's all in an effort to learn, and there are lots of different ways to learn. for me - different bits will pop out and actually be absorbed in different ways at different times. not to mention the KEY FACT that these really are all just different perspectives. THESE ARE NOT RULES. these are guidelines to keep in mind and inspire. every song and sound situation is different (unless you're making super generic whatever).

i made some printer friendly jpg's and pdf's with large clear print. i also included the plain text files, if anyone wanted to erase and edit things for themselves. the main charts are [NOTES=FREQS] and [FREQUENCIES]. the [INSTRUMENTS] chart is sort of supplemental that i put less time and effort into. and the [EXTRAS] folder is some somewhat raw data and bits and pieces that i originally wanted to compile into something cleaner and more complete, but i don't think i'll ever get around to doing anytime soon.

largely speaking, i wouldn't take credit for the info provided. i merely complied and organized (with some selective editing). it's impossible to credit all the sources that contributed, with all the copy/pasting and erasing and notes scribbled along the way, but there are a few links listed in there still. thanks to everyone who contributed, who ever you are.

feel free to share, edit, and use as you will. hopefully you'll pick up a few things you wouldn't have otherwise, or retain certain info quicker than you would have otherwise.


~ michael red

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