september 2012

september 2012.. yes, the casual-ness of this web location got super casual over the summer. now, in the spirit of the season, it's time to re-activate and re-organize and that.

the bc summer festivals all happened. new forms happened. great artists from abroad keep getting booked to play vancouver at an accelerated rate and people are saying that vancouver's finally growing up to a nightlife with consistent actual options. the base of local talent grows stronger by the week and bar keeps getting raised across a good handful of genres. the underground has shifted again, and gone more underground (more renegade and more spread out) and new seeds are being sewn (inevitably). stuff and stuff. ..and yeah. an overwhelming amount of great music continues to flood the world and new sounds (genres?) seem to pop up by the month. if it was one's singular profession to keep up with all that is new and exciting in the electronic/cross-over music world - you MIGHT be able to keep up. but that's a bet with odds.

anyways. the low indigo ship set anchor for a while, probably somewhere up in the clouds inland BC. the anchor's been pulled and we'll see where we go next. still maintaining the mission statement of "only if/when it feels right". a non-linear time imprint of now. borrowed from others, to be borrowed by others. it might not be an easy read. if you want an easy read there is plenty out there.

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