saturday june 9 @ open studios

Saturday June 9th 2012
EVY JANE (live) + TAAL MALA + TUSK + OBSRVNT + BUS = 06/09/2012
Open Studios - 252 E. 1st Ave.
Limited capacity, no presale tickets. $20 @ the door. Arrive early!  10pm-Late


EVY JANE [live]
(King Deluxe) 

EVY JANE is the downtempo pop project of Vancouver-based musicians Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein. Skillfully dizzy beats accompany vocal melodies that telegraph brooding angst as much as fervid psychedelic glee. Drawing from UK bass, RnB, and noise, the partnership yields beat-smart, hyper-textural pop that imparts a sense of fey elegance onto sub-bass juvenile delinquency.

Both Mason and Klein have been involved in the West Coast's DJ/rave culture for years, each having performed at various festivals, and with Klein having been part of organizing some of Vancouver's most memorable renegade dance parties.

Cycling through obsessions, but forever attached to pop hooks, Mason's cindery voice is her primary instrument. Armed with a slew of synths, strings, and analogue pedals, the two have been writing and producing music since 2010."


(lighta! sound, aufect, 10pin)

Back from under a translink bus, you all know I still got it. 


(lighta! sound, big feelings)

Tusk has been DJing, promoting and producing underground bass-driven music for over a decade. As a member of Vancouver's infamous Lighta! Sound and the Big Feelings crew Tusk focuses primarily on the continuumms of thought, practice and influence that unite style and intent rather than alinging with one sub genre or another. Finding inspiration in the convergence between the ancient roots of soundsystem culture and contemporary innovations in technology and culture, Tusk seeks to unite dancefloors and headphones, the visceral and the conceptual in the crucible of vibratory gnosis. 



OBSRVNT has been djing under a variety of names for the last 15 years. He plays serato vinyl on turntables as he was a vinyl dj for 10+ years. Expect him to play new music.



DJ BUS has been mixing UK underground in Canada for 10 years
specializing in GRIME, UK FUNKY and UKG. He has shared bills with
Logan Sama, Roska, Bok Bok, Dubble Dutch, Altered Natives, MAK 10 and
Hyper MC. His team, ESL are a staple in the Montreal rave scene, with
members featured on almost every Piknic Electronic, Igloo Fest and
Mutek since their formation in 2009 and were the first crew from
outside the UK to be offered a show on radio station, NASTY FM. ESL
is also part of Montreal’s new vinyl-only lable ‘KNIFE & FORK’ (first
EP set to drop summer 2012) and will be performing at Nottinghill
Carnival, in England this summer.

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