tusk - solar chrome mix

from the one TUSK..

a hastily assembled mixture celebrating the impending spring / summer and all its attendant joys, adventures and life changing encounters...

warning may contain: mutated footwork / juke, hyper-sexuality, abrupt tonal shifts, scattered shards of uk funky, disorienting speed adjustments, post genre liminality, blazing sunlight, nocturnal bliss, R&B appropriation, moodswings, terrible production, excellent production masquerading as terrible production, intensely damaged pop music, unexpected metallic noises, accessible hit songs!!, exquisitely irresponsible choices, dramatic synths, too many remixes, explosive joy...




Teeth - Shawty

Femme en Fourrure - Bronco (Nguzunguzu remix)

Howse - Vbs

Gold Panda - Marriage (Starslinger Remix)

Nguzunguzu - Mirage (Brenmar Remix)

Sleigh Bells - Tell Em (Kingdom Remix)

Matthewdavid - Like You Mean It

Holy Other - Touch

Unison - Brothers and Sisters

Glasser - Mirrorage (Lindstrom Remix)

Teams - Stunts

Gold Panda - You

Moths - Slow Downfin

Tash Willmore - First Time Molly (Re Arrange)

Kingdom - Fogs (Pictureplane's Stargate Dub)

Kingdom - Fogs

Pictureplane - Closer Now

Running time: 47:52

With Love Love Love

J / Tusk

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