VIVO has been a quiet little vancouver hub for experimental and D.I.Y. video, sound art and arty sound for a few decades now. VIVO is a venue, gallery, AV library and gear resource, meeting and workshop space which houses several AV editing suites. don't be surprised if you haven't heard of them. they're kinda like that old secret tree house that's always been there, that you only find out about through word-of-mouth, and even the most well seasoned vancourites still are just discovering now. amongst a pile of other services, VIVO offers ongoing workshops for folks wanting to learn how to VJ, create computer-based music, make video art, and more. check out their current workshop schedule here. and if you're looking to throw you're first event somewhere (more on the arty or quiet or hype-but-intimate tip) and don't want to stress about packing the place - this might be the spot for you. drop by, say hello.

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