altered states

It's OK What's Happening Right Now from Kajin Goh on Vimeo.

a sample of the kind of works that'll be @ altered states.

Altered States

Victor Ballesteros, Ross Birdwise, Kajin Goh, Rok Oblak, Soressa Gardner

Thursday December 16th, Little Mountain Gallery, 195 East 26th (near Main)

Door: 7pm / Show: 8pm

Cover: Pay what you can, $5 suggested donation, all proceeds will be donated to
Little Mountain Gallery.

Come out to the Little Mountain Gallery to see some video art works in a
cinema-like presentation on Thursday December 16th. We have a dynamic,
thought-provoking, visceral and meditative series of videos for this night,
featuring works by Victor Ballesteros, Rok Oblak, Kajin Goh, Soressa Gardner,
and Ross Birdwise.

The videos are sequenced like a DJ mix, with an engaging flow, that creates
interesting resonances, continuities and contrasts between the works, as well as
a satisfying overall impression.

Expect to see, among other things:

Heavily cut-up and layered videos of people singing in shifting lighting
conditions. A translation of audio processing techniques into video processing
techniques, as part of a search for novel and unexpected relationships between
sound and image, as well as a durational exploration of different kinds of
mobile lighting and light positioning on mobile subjects. These pieces are
inspired as much by electronic music, vocalists such as Meredith Monk, Ami
Yoshida and vocal forms such as overtone singing, as they are by the temporal
theories of Gilles Deleuze and Henri Bergson and an ongoing investigation into
the meaning of the 'portrait'.

Hovering figures eerily suspended in Malaysian alleyways at 'Forbidden Hour',
the transitory and brief period of dusk between night and day, light and dark,
when restless spirits awaken, bats begin their hunt, and dreams take on new and
more volatile meanings. The ‘Forbidden Hour’ signals the end of ‘rational’
activities and introduces the arrival of night, the awakening of the
unconscious, and the rousing of the spirit realm...

Intense, phenomenological, near psychedelic explorations of bicycling sounds and
spinning bicycle wheels, an experiment in contrasts between multiple audio
perspectives and a single video perspective, blurring together a single space
with multiple times...

Ross Birdwise is an artist and musician originally from Ottawa. His artistic
practice includes electronic music, vocal music, non-idiomatic improvisation,
performance art, photography and video. He has performed at the Mutek Festival
in Montreal, with Anthony Braxton in Vancouver (Sonic Genome - The Roundhouse)
and has shown visual art in a variety of contexts including Gallery 101 (Ottawa)
and Vancouver New Music (Theatre for the Ears - Scotiabank Dance Centre). He
obtained a BFA from Ottawa University in 2005 and an MAA from the Emily Carr
University of Art + Design in 2008. He has trouble separating his hobbies from
his creative practices.

Víctor Ballesteros obtained an MAA from the Emily Carr University of Art +
Design in 2009. His recent collaborative projects have been shown at the
Vancouver New Music Festival 2010 and Squarewaves Festival 2010. He currently
lives in Vancouver.

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