dj tusk is one of them tastemakers without the quotations. one of those folks that points the "tastemakers" (with quotations) in the direction of what's new and happening, before the underground wave really kicks off. so, check what's next..

TUSK - MIDNITE MIX (free download)

"A selection of new Industrial / drag tunes, nocturnally amalgamated and designed for maximum abyssal immersion. Frozen synths, ghost vocals, industrial kick / snare, chop and screwed EBM, ambient black metal, epic atmospherics, sleazy fashion, noise, horror, discomfort and catharsis."


Raime - Retread

Lake R^dio - Taps

Balam Acab - See Birds

oOoOO - Plains is Hot

Ritualzz - (feat Unison) San Marino

xix - Deep Void

oOoOO- Burnout Eyes

LA Vampires meet Zola Jesus - Searching

Enslaved - Axioma

Unison - Intimacy

Ritualzz - Misery Walk

Salem - Sick

White Ring - We Rot

Baghdaddy - Hot Shit (CREEP remix)

Salem - King Night

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  1. saving this for late night tonight i think...