wildbirds & peacedrums 'fight for me' - mred remix

THE LEAF LABEL just made available my remix of 'fight for me' from WILDBIRDS AND PEACEDRUMS. -> -> check it out here.

i met their singer, Mariam, in Gothenburg last spring while playing a show with Tanya Tagaq. Mariam was dj'ing in between sets a was pulling out some of the freshest and amazing selections i had heard in a loooooong long time. making blends between current indie, old weird rock, roots dub, straight sound art, and some very cool swedish stuff i had never heard before. i found out only AFTER the show that she was a part of wildbirds and peacedrums, and i just happened to be checking their music out for the first time, literally, just BEFORE the show started. small world.

some other tunes/videos:

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