a mix put together featuring all the artists playing live at the opposite of fear - sept 11
blue daisy, illum sphere, slugabed, nastynasty, mred. rumours are stirring on some secret dj's added to the line-up too (hold tight).

please spread and re-post..


event promo mix put together by mred

featuring all artists appearing @ NFF10 / sept 11 10


mred - fade into light (espisode one)

blue daisy feat lanote - space ex

illum sphere - psycho

slugabed - pressure

slugabed - the moon zoop jam

illum sphere - go killum

illum sphere - medusa

kidkanevil - minjo (blue daisy remix)

stac - all or nothing (blue daisy remix)

wildbirds and peacedrums - fight for me (mred's minimal edit)

kidkanevil - when doves bounce (illum sphere's rebounce)

nasty nasty - no names

bd1982 - space boots (slugabed remix)

mred - didn't know

slugabed - goulash

sduk - clunge (nasty nasty remix)

mred - maneno falcoln

robot koch - while feat manya (blue daisy remix)

vincent parker - whiplash (mred remix)

mred - swirly girl

mred - farusha lake

slugabed - power of the mind

loops haunt - huarache (nastynasty edit)

salva - american grime (nastynasty remix)

nasty nasty - junkie

slugabed - skyfire


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