: low indigo feb 2010 :

. featuring . . .

SYNKRO (manchester,uk)
z audio, smokin sessions

. alongside . . .

mindset, formant, echodub, . . .

run riot, artemis jackson

imaginations treetrunk

. . . .

SATURDAY FEB 6 @ THE ASTORIA (769 e. hastings)
warm-up - 9pm / proper start - 10pm
$5 cover / $8 after 11pm / goes til 2am
cheap drinks (as you well know)
extra sound provided by LIGHTA! SOUND

. . . .

vancouver has had it's share of techno-slanted, more experimental, and (OF COURSE) banging dubstep headliners thru town. but this may be the first dubstep artist that is undeniably "deep", with a serious leaning towards the 2-step, to come delivery the goods. SYNKRO's sound could be described as moody, without the "dark", or hypnotic without the heaviness.. definetely complex without losing the dancefloor (yes!)

--54:00 an onwards

and before SYKRO, a well varied selection of talented vancouver producers, one of whom just won the laptop battle 2009 down in seattle - VINCENT PARKER. go thru his website for some footage of that, and a recent video studio tour, to get an idea of his brand of high-energy glitched-out beat-driven (very) live sets. . . . and take a look around is HXDB's new site too. he's been pulling some weight with rep'ing vancouver on some US and UK based music labels, on the 2step and mellower melodic dubstep tip, with some impressive high production value. ALL ORIGINALS dj set for occasion. . . . AALO GUHA really shouldn't need and an introduction, if he didn't keep it so low-key. he's put in a lot of work building hip hop beats and recording mc's, while also allowing time to experiment with the instrumental side of the music, and WELL beyond (check the youtube footage on hit myspace). expect something heavy, in the heady musical sense, from GUHA for this night. . . . and an opening warm-up DJ set from M.Red, selecting freshness from developing genres on the edge.

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